Savage Grace

Saturday, January 19, 2008, 1:30pm

Guests: Tom Kalin (Director), Katie Roumel (Producer, Killer Films), Howard Rodman (Writer), and Christine Vachon (Producer, Killer Films)

Moderator: Eugene Hernandez (Editor in Chief, IndieWire)

Savage GraceSavage Grace

Director Tom Kalin returns to Sundance 16 years after his debut feature Swoon helped define the "New Queer Cinema" movement of the early 1990s. Like his first film, Savage Grace focuses on a notorious, true-life murder case with a gay perpetrator who ignited a media frenzy. Kalin's newest film continues in the style of Swoon by seeking to fill in the grisly crime's rich and complicated back story. Savage Grace focuses on a former actress and social climber who met a tragic end after attempting to "cure" her son of his homosexuality. Join the director, producer and screenwriter for a discussion about the dangerous and transgressive individuals that inhabit Kalin's work, the challenging queer images he puts onscreen, and the true story behind Savage Grace.

Tipping Point: Social Change Through Film

Sunday, January 20, 2008, 2:30pm

Guests: Neil G. Giuliano (President, GLAAD), Ricky Strauss (President, Participant Productions), Christine Vachon (Producer, Savage Grace), Kit Hawkins (Worldwide Executive Producer, Live Earth Film Series), Saskia Wilson-Brown (Manager, Current TV) and Amy Berg (Director, Deliver Us from Evil)

Moderator: Sean Smith (Senior Editor, Entertainment Weekly)

Cinema has a long and proud tradition of addressing social issues, though it is somewhat more rare that a filmmaker will openly attempt to sway public opinion through their work. In a discussion of the fluid lines between art-making and activism, panelists will address such topics as how their beliefs have influenced their craft (and vice versa), the differing strategies of narrative and documentary film, and the true effectiveness of film to sway the hearts and minds of an audience.

The Writers Strike and You

Monday, January 21, 2008, 11:00am

Presentation plus Q&A with Jonathan Handel

Writers Guild of America On Strike The Writers Guild (WGA) is still on strike - 10 weeks and counting. The Directors Guild (DGA) will have started its negotiations by the time you read this, and maybe even done its deal. If the WGA doesn't like that deal, the actors (SAG) probably won't either, and, come July 1, both guilds may be on strike, truly a nightmare scenario. What's it all mean for the independent filmmaker? Jonathan Handel, digital media attorney and former associate counsel at the WGA, has the facts. He's been quoted and interviewed in the media dozens of times, including in the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, CNBC and media across the world via the Associated Press. Don't miss this chance to get your questions answered.

HBO & World of Wonder Present "When I Knew"

Monday, January 21, 2008, 4:00pm

Guests: Randy Barbato & Fenton Bailey (Directors), Robert Trachtenberg (Author), and Rex Lee (Actor

Moderator: Anne Stockwell (Editor in Chief, The Advocate)

When I KnewWhen I Knew

Inspired by Robert Trachtenburg's book, When I Knew, award-winning filmmakers Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato (Eyes Of Tammy Faye, Party Monster, and Inside Deep Throat) traveled the country asking ordinary people to tell their stories of when they realized they were gay. Through entertaining, insightful and moving interviews with over 150 people from five cities, the filmmakers captured not only the "ah ha" moments, but also moments when people first felt radically different from their friends and family. In a discussion with The Advocate's Editor in Chief Anne Stockwell, Bailey, Barbato, Trachtenberg, and Entourage actor Rex Lee will share their own personal experiences as they relate to the themes of the documentary. An extended clip of the film will be shown, and a reception open to panel attendees will follow the discussion.

Self-distribution, Merchandising & Other Ways Filmsmakers Can Keep Their Money

Tuesday, January 22, 2008, 12 Pm Noon

Guests: Josh Caldwell & Hunter Weeks (Directors, 10mph), Leslie Nuccio (Marketing Director, Café Press), Maria Lynn (President, Wolfe Video), George Strompolos (Content Parterships Manager, YouTube), and Maurice Jamal (Director, Dirty Laundry)

Moderator: Michael Lumpkin (Artistic Director, Frameline)

The thought of self-distribution is a daunting one. Negotiating with theatrical exhibitors, creating advertising, publicity and marketing campaigns and perhaps doing it all on your own seems expensive and labor-intensive. The internet age brings good news, however, both for marketing and creative merchandising — and beyond theatrical distribution, selling DVDs and Video On Demand via internet are perhaps more cost-effective ways of DIY distribution. This panel will address the options and challenges of self-distribution, alternative ways to generate funds through the internet and merchandising, and whether cultivating niche audiences can work to a film's advantage.

The Advocate Presents Gay Filmmakers and Sexual Provocation

Tuesday, January 22, 2008, 3:00pm

Guests: Isaac Julien (Director, Derek), Bruce LaBruce (Director, Otto; or Up with Dead People), and Lesli Klainberg (Director, Fabulous: The Story of Queer Cinema)

Moderator: Kyle Buchanan (Film Critic, The Advocate)

Otto; or Up With Dead PeopleOtto; or Up With Dead People

When openly gay directors stormed the film scene in the 1990s, they used their sexuality as a tool to provoke, unsettle and jostle the status quo. "A decade of mainstream assimilation and bland gay romcoms may have neutered that outlaw sensibility," says moderator Kyle Buchanan, film critic for The Advocate, "but this year's crop of daring directors aim to bring the teeth back to New Queer Cinema." The gay directors on this panel will discuss how sexuality influences their desire to push buttons — even if members of their own queer community take offense.

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